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Descriptions :If you are a soccer lover or you are looking for an extremely entertaining soccer game, you cannot ignore

Descriptions :

If you are a soccer lover or you are looking for an extremely entertaining soccer game, you cannot ignore this trending game: Head Football LaLiga 2021 – Skills Soccer Games. Join the game to have a great time on the pitch with the players that have become legends in the soccer lover community. Express yourself in the game and use beautiful kicks to score glorious goals.

Multi-game mode

The game has 3 game modes that you can choose from. In mission mode, players are often constantly updated with new scenes. You will play, score, upgrade, earn rewards and level up. Multiplayer mode brings dramatic matches between you and another player. And the career mode takes you into extremely challenging games and the reward is a gold cup in major tournaments.

No matter what mode you play in, the principle of success in Head Football is to practice, level up and make more and more perfect shots to score a goal.

Creation of funny characters

The game has a team of big soccer stars with funny shapes, big heads, small bodies and nimble feet. When you enter a game scene, you can choose and create your own players. This custom stage isn’t overly detailed, but helps create the initial excitement to lead players into more exciting later scenes.

The game is also a place where you can enjoy great goals with the strongest applause from the stands of the most beautiful stadiums in the world: Santiago Bernabeu, Camp Nou, Wanda Metropolitan… And you can freely choose your favorite team from top clubs like FC Barcelona, ​​Atlético Madrid, Real Madrid, Seville…

The gameplay and deep purpose of Head Football

The gameplay is quite simple. Bottom left is the navigation button to move the player, right is the player’s shooting skills. New skills will show up here as they level up so you can choose how you kick the ball based on the situation and your needs. You should combine skillful navigation and choose the right shot to send the ball into the goal. There is no time limit, so you can do whatever experiments you want to do to find the most sensible and best shot for you.

Matches in Head Football happen pretty quickly. You can clearly see that this game corresponds more to the training of the striker than to pursuing the real games on the pitch. If you play this game well and master your shooting skills, it means your chances of winning in more complex football games are huge. It can be called soccer practice game.

You are free to practice and test new skills as long as it is within the character’s allowed abilities. Feel free to take the weirdest shots you’ve only seen in comics and movies like Giant Ball, Destroyer Ray, Overgrowth and Super Shot. “Shoot the ball fast, hit nice and confidently like a legendary soccer star” will be a very good stepping stone for you to play well in other soccer games and not be afraid of any opponent.

graphics and sound

Graphics are an important highlight to add excitement and fun to this game. Do you like football games but afraid that every time you play it takes a lot of time? Just tune in to Head Football now. I believe that just seeing this line of big-headed players will make you laugh. Not to mention that these guys’ kicking phase is often pretty bullshit. Because of this kind of ridiculous move, unless you’ve played a dozen levels fluently, it’s not easy to shoot the ball. The difficulty of control and the weirdness of character creation created a cartoonish contradiction for the game, like an addictive drug.

The sound is exciting and extremely energetic, which highlights the fights in the exciting stadiums well. This is the sound of kicking the ball, the cheering of the audience, the sharp whistle of the referee, the sound of the wind howling from the stormy shot phase… Sound effects are also a great treasure of the game.

Features :

 Official licenses from Laliga
Just laliga top football – football matches have all football players official players of Laliga Santander for 2022 season.

 Training and improvement
Level up your soccer players: move fast across the field, high shots and low shots to make them unstoppable, jump to leap higher on each attack and defense, and size to defeat your rivals.

 Incredible special shots
Defeat your opponents with special hits and energy consumption: Giant Ball, Destroyer Beams, Overshoot and Super Shot.

 Character editor
Create your own soccer player with the incredible character creator and play with him on the team of your choice. Treat it like a true team player.

Head Football MOD function:

Unlimited Money: Increase (instead of decrease) when used.

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